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Gut für dein Karma, gut für den Geldbeutel - refurbished statt neu kaufen inkl. Garantie. 50% sparen & die Umwelt schonen - Kauf dein iPhone wiederaufbereitet statt neu Überholte Handys in Top Zustand. 36 Monate Gratis-Garantie. Schnelle Lieferung 1-2 Tage. Mit dem A10 Fusion-Chip ist das iPhone 7 doppelt so schnell wie die Vorgängermodelle Turning On AirDrop on an iPhone. The steps in this guide were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in IOS 10.2, but will work for other iPhone models that are using the same version of iOS. Enabling the AirDrop setting to Everyone on a large, public Wi-Fi network, such as a hotel or an airport, could make it easy for unwanted individuals to send you pictures or other files. The safer option is to enable AirDrop for Contacts and, if you want to share files with someone that isn't a. On your iPhone XS or earlier, iPad, or iPod touch Open an app, then tap Share or the Share button. If you share a photo from the Photos app, you can swipe left or right and select multiple photos. Tap the AirDrop button Use Control Center to turn AirDrop on or off and control whom you can share content with. Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center. Step 2: Tap AirDrop

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You can find the AirDrop settings and turn it on in the Settings app Open Control Center by swiping up from below the bottom of your iPhone screen. Tap AirDrop, which is located in the center of Control Center on the right hand side. Tap either Contacts Only or Everyone to turn on AirDrop. AirDrop will remain off if you select Receiving Off

Other than Control Center, you can also enable or disable AirDrop from the Settings app: Step 1. Go to Settings and tap General. Step 2. Tap AirDrop and choose Contacts Only or Everyone. If you want to turn off AirDrop on your Apple device, choose Receive Off among the options. How to Use AirDrop on iPhone How to Turn On AirDrop On a Mac. To turn on AirDrop on a Mac, right-click anywhere on your desktop. Then click Go at the top of your screen and select AirDrop from the drop-down menu. Finally, click Allow me to be discovered by at the bottom of the pop-up window and choose who can send files to your Mac.. Note: In order to use AirDrop, your Mac needs to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on How To Turn On Airdrop on iPhone X. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out AirDrop is supported by iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4 th generation and later, iPod touch 5 th generation, iPad mini and later. Solutions to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone 7 or iPad Air 2. After you finish reading the bullet points above, here are the keys to fix AirDrop. 1. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-F Step 1, Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Doing so opens the Control Center.Step 2, Tap AirDrop:. It's a button in the right-center of the Control Center. The setting's current status will be displayed below the word AirDrop. The status will be one of the following: Receiving Off Contacts Only EveryoneStep 3, Tap Receiving Off. AirDrop is now off, and your device will not be able to receive photos or other data over AirDrop until you re-enable it

Tap the AirDrop user you want to send the files to. Receiving files. Wait for the prompt. Click on Accept. Click Decline if you don't recognize the sender. AirDrop will open the files on the app they were sent from. How to Turn Off AirDrop. To avoid prank AirDrops, always turn it off when not sharing files with people you know. On Ma Turning on AirDrop in the iOS Control Center Open the Control Center on your device by swiping down from the upper-right corner, or swiping up from the bottom. Press and hold on the tray that.. To do so grab your iOS device and, from the home screen, swipe up to open the Control Center. In the Control Center, you can immediately view the status of AirDrop in the mid-panel entry labeled AirDrop: Tap on the entry and you'll see the AirDrop access level menu. You can select from three options Step 1: Launch Settings on your iPad or iPhone device. Step 2: In the settings page, scroll downwards to find the 'General' option and tap on it. Step 3: You'll be prompted to a new page showing different options, tap on AirDrop Learn how to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad. or iPod touch to quickly share photos, documents, and more with people nearby.To learn more about this topic v..

How to Disable AirDrop Through Restrictions on an iPhone 7. Step 1: Open the Settings menu. Step 2: Scroll down and select the General option. Step 3: Select the Restrictions button. Step 4: Tap the blue Enable Restrictions button. Step 5: Create a Restrictions passcode How to turn off AirDrop on an iPhone via the Control Center. 1. On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to open the Control Center How to Disable the Airdrop Notification Sound on an iPhone. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 12. By completing the steps in this guide you will be turning off the sound that plays when you are sent a file via Airdrop. This won't affect any of the other Airdrop notifications, nor will it prevent you from. How to Use AirDrop on iPhone & iPad. Before you go ahead with the procedure, you need to make sure that you have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on your iOS or iPadOS device. Additionally, on the receiver's iPhone or iPad, AirDrop receiving must be turned on, or else the device won't be discoverable

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How do I turn on AirDrop on my iPhone 7? Turn AirDrop on or off Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center, then select and hold the center of the Connectivity section. Select AirDrop. • From the desired content to share, select the Because AirDrop shows your picture for any and all contacts, if you're trying to AirDrop to someone with multiple devices, you could see their picture multiple times in the Sheet. You will see their device name, however, which should make sure you pick the right one.. How to troubleshoot AirDrop on iPhone and iPhone. If contacts don't show up in the AirDrop interface, try these solutions, in. Gut für dein Karma, gut für den Geldbeutel - refurbished statt neu kaufen inkl. Garantie. Apple iPhone 7 refurbished kaufen - Viele Modelle, alle inkl. Garantie und Rückgaberecht

AirDrop is an ad-hoc service in Apple Inc. 's macOS and iOS operating systems, introduced in Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and iOS 7, which enables the transfer of files among supported Macintosh computers and iOS devices without using mail or a mass storage device.. How to Turn on AirDrop? Use Control Center to turn AirDrop on or off and control whom you can share content with AirDrop is a fast and easy way to share images, documents, and other files between Apple devices. But before you use it, you'll need to turn the feature on When prompts show up, switch your iPhone AirDrop to be visible to Everyone if it is visible to Contacts Only. Tip 2: Turn Off Persnal Hotspot. AirDrop won't work when Personal Hotspot is enabled on your iPhone. To fix AirDrop not working on iPhone issue, turn it off. Swipe up from iPhone bottom to open Control Center

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For iPhone 7: Press and hold down the On/Off button on the right side. While continuing to hold the On/Off button, press and hold the volume down button on the left side of your iPhone. Hold both buttons as the screen turns off, and keep holding them until the screen turns back on and displays the Apple logo Just be sure to turn AirDrop back off or back to Contacts again once you are finished using it. Sometimes users may need to reboot an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to get AirDrop to show up consistently after doing this, but it should appear immediately without a system restart

There are some basic tips you can have a try when your AirDrop won't work on iPhone 7/ 8 /X or older iPhone 5s/6/6s, and it also works on iPad/iPod touch. Turn off and then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Check your network, turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and then turn them on. Force restart your devices. How do I turn AirDrop on in settings Om du och den du vill dela något med har en Iphone 11 eller Iphone 12 kan ni använda dessa telefoners specialchipp, U1 för att göra Airdrop-skickandet aningen häftigare. När du ska skicka något öppnar du Airdrop-delning som vanligt, men längst upp visas en cirkel med små prickar runt sig. Vrid dig runt i rummet så ser du hur prickarna också rör sig runt cirkeln If your iPhone is tied to your computer, then you can add a contact through the phone. It will automatically appear on the computer. How to turn on Airdrop and transfer your files. We will provide you with several methods, and you will choose the one that is more convenient for you The AirDrop feature help users quickly share photos, videos, contacts, Passbook passes, Voice Memos, Map location, and everything else that appears on a Share sheet between two iDevices.If you just get one new iPhone like the newest iPhone SE 2020, you may want to transfer some photos to it to set as the wallpaper and you can take advantage of AirDrop to make it so you come to this page to.

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Airdrop works by means of searching for nearby devices set to receive your shared items via Bluetooth, so turn off your Bluetooth fuction in Settings > Bluetooth > Off and Airdrop is completely disabled. I've just used this method on my own iPhone 5s running iOS 10.3.3 to turn off Airdrop on it and I can confirm 100% that it is disabled completely The share system on your iPhone serves as a hub for actions and share extensions, streamlining the process of saving files, sharing photos and videos, and other important tasks. On iOS 13 the Share Sheet has received a considerable upgrade, including the ability to more easily share content with your favorite contacts This short article describes exactly how to use AirDrop on your apple iphone including just how enable it, send out a data, and also approve or decline a file AirDropped to you on iPhones with iOS 14 via iOS 11. An alternate method is supplied for older apples iphone with a minimum of iphone 7 Because AirDrop shows your picture for any and all contacts, if you're trying to AirDrop to someone with multiple devices, you could see their picture multiple times in the Sheet. You will see their device name, however, which should make sure you pick the right one.. How to troubleshoot AirDrop on iPhone and iPhone. If contacts don't show up in the AirDrop interface, try these solutions, in.

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AirDrop is only available on iPhone 5 or later (e.g., iPhone 5S and 5C), iPad fourth generation and newer, iPad mini and iPod Touch fifth generation and newer. This means that, for instance, if you own an iPhone 4S, or iPad 2, then your device(s) will not have AirDrop. AirDrop supports only iOS 7 and above devices Airdrop is one of the most useful methods for exchanging or transferring files between two devices. This Apple's creation saw the light of the day in 2008 when it was introduced on Mac. Once iOS 7 came into the market, the Airdrop services have been extended for other Apple devices How to disable AirDrop on iPhone. There are two ways you can go about disabling AirDrop on your iPhone. Check them out below. Disable AirDrop through Settings: 1.Launch the 'Settings' app on your iPhone. 2. Tap on the 'General' option. 3. You should see 'AirDrop' listed, tap on it. 4 How to Airdrop From iPhone to Mac. Let's get into this. Follow these simple steps: First, Make sure the Airdrop is properly set up on your Mac device. 2. Open Finder on Mac and click on the Airdrop option from the sidebar. 3. Hold your iPhone and go in the Photos > Select Album and then select the images you wish to transfer. 4 Apple has included AirDrop in iOS 7 to simplify the process of sharing files and other information between iPhone users in the vicinity. Despite the fact that iOS 7 can be installed on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, some features in the latest firmware are not available. AirDrop is one of these features that is only accessible on the iPhone 5 or later

Now if you are ready to turn off AirDrop on iPhone or iPad, have a look at the steps mentioned below. Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on the General option under it. Step 2: Here you will see the Restrictions option. Click on it to enable all restrictions in your iPhone. Step 3: Now it will ask you to set a Passcode AirDrop has a range of approximately 30 feet (9 meters), according to Apple. You also need a semi-recent Mac (2012 or later) and iOS 7 or later on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to transfer files. Nevertheless, many iPhone users have been wondering about how to turn OFF AirDrop on iPhone. If you have been wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it. To choose who can see your device and send you content in AirDrop This feature works a lot like AirDrop for Windows. With this feature enabled on two PCs near each other, you can quickly send anything—even files, by using the Share feature built into Windows 10's File Explorer. The files are transferred over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. To set this up, visit Settings > System > Shared Experiences and enable. Hi guys, In this Video, I will show you 'How to Turn Off Airdrop on an iPhone.' Please Like and Subscribe to my channel.=====Thanks for watchin

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How to Deal With Airdrop Not Operating in apple iphone 11. As we discussed, just check if the Airdrop is allowed for get in touches with or everyone or otherwise. Then simply turn on the Airdrop from the control center. Currently, make certain to switch on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your iPhone in order to work the Airdrop feature properly While making an AirDrop transfer if you end up tapping on the wrong user you can quickly cancel it by tapping on his or her display picture and name one more time. The key is to stop the transfer while your iPhone or iPad is showing 'Waiting' under the AirDrop user's name. If the size of the file being transferred is large, then you can.

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For iPhone X, XS or XR, Turn on or off AirDrop-Navigate to the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the display. Now time to Press(longtime) on the WI-FI button. Now you have to press AirDrop. When you turn on AirDrop make sure the settings mode contacts only or everyone; AirDrop files from your iPad or iPhone(process) Airdrop is quickly becoming an easy means of harassment and bullying among kids. This is why you should learn to turn off airdrop on iPhone 11/x/8. You can also use FamiSafe to keep an eye on the images and files your kids receive through Airdrop

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  1. imum operating system requirements for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and all other compatible devices. For iPhone, AirDrop will only work on devices running iOS 7 or newer
  2. Fix #3: Turn off Personal Hotspot on iOS and Check macOS Big Sur AirDrop Settings. This fix requires you to pick up your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), turn off your Family Sharing feature in Settings → Personal Hotspot and also disable others from joining. After that, turn on just your Bluetooth or just your Wi-Fi, but not both
  3. The AirDrop control is located in Control Center, nowhere else on iOS 7. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET To use AirDrop, you'll need to open Control Center and make sure you have it enabled
  4. How to AirDrop Voice Memos from iPhone to Another Apple Device (iOS or Mac) iOS 7 firstly launched the AirDrop for Apple users to wirelessly share data between Apple devices. And the entire process of airdrop voice memos is super simple from iOS 7 to the latest iOS 12.2. Below I've covered all the steps needed to airdrop recording files. 1
  5. To turn on AirDrop on an iPhone or iPad, go to: Settings > General > AirDrop Selecting Contacts Only: People in your Contacts will show up on your AirDrop screen. Selecting Everyone: People in your Contacts and not in your Contacts will show up on..
  6. Swipe up from the bottom of both iPhones to launch Control Panel and turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Enable AirDrop on both iPhones by tapping the AirDrop icon and selecting one of Contacts Only or Everyone. Note: AirDrop feature is only available for iPhone 5 and later. The iOS version should be iOS 13/12/11/10/9/8/7.

How to Use AirDrop on Mac: Easy Guides Photo by idownloadblog.com. The next step is how to use AirDrop on Mac. The AirDrop itself is an ad-hoc service found on Apple Inc's iOS and macOS operating systems, functions as a wireless transfer of photo, video, website, location, and other data to other nearby devices and Mac computers (iOS 7, iPadOS 13, OS X 10.10 or later) A subreddit all about the Apple iPhone X. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Vote. Should I turn airdrop off. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. Should I turn airdrop off. 5 votes. Yes. No. Vote. You must be logged in to vote. 2 days 23 hours left.

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Real-life attacks using AirDrop or AirPlay may not be immediately likely, but if you're worried, you should turn off the features on your Apple devices when you're not using them. What you can do. You can turn on AirDrop on your Mac to exchange files between Apple devices via Bluetooth. If you have files that are too large for email, try AirDrop to quickly send and receive them Why iPhone owners should turn off AirDrop. Now. 23 Apr 2021, 7:28 p.m. Not everything Apple makes just works — at least not as intended, anyway. Security researchers exploring AirDrop, the iOS and macOS feature that lets users wirelessly share files via WiFi and Bluetooth,. How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac. Here are the explained steps which enable you to connect the airdrop device to your Mac and you can get access to the files sharing with the other device to yours:-Step 1. PCs with some of the versions have the connection of much older one which is bot better to connect the device

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  1. How to Turn on Airdrop on iPhone. Here are the steps which explain it more clearly to turn on your Airdrop on your iPhone:-Step 1. Firstly, open the control option on your iPhone by swiping the downside of your screen. Step 2. Now click and hold the connectivity buttons shown there
  2. If AirDrop is not working on your iPhone 7, do a hard reset by: 1. Pressing and holding the Power button on the right side. 2. As you are holding down the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down button on the left side. 3
  3. ently displayed for easy access. However, with iOS 11, that quick access to AirDrop has see
  4. 7. Turn Off AirDrop Restrictions. If your iPhone/iPad or Mac are not showing an AirDrop option and you use Screen Time, it is likely that you may have restricted AirDrop — accidentally or otherwise

So I just got myself a new iPhone 7 Plus and I am having some issues with Airdrop. While I can send files to other devices just fine, the other devices cannot see my iPhone. Airdrop is turned on fo iPhone AirDrop - What Is It? AirDrop is Apple's file transfer technology that allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to wirelessly send files to other iOS devices or Mac users within 30 feet of each other. AirDrop does not require an internet connection.Instead, it uses Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to make a local area connection between two devices so they can transfer files between them - this. STEP 7. On target iPhone, select Accept to receive songs shared through AirDrop. Note that don't forget to turn off AirDrop after receiving songs. Note: On the receiving device, you need to confirm to accept so that you can send successfully. There are obviously particular things which you need to know to share iPhone Apple Music with Airdrop.

How To Turn On Airdrop On Iphone 6 +picture Anyone application an iPhone ability anticipate it's difficult to about-face to an Android device. But Google's latest smartphone, the Pixel 2, alleviates the all-overs of switching by demography affliction of all the annoying bits, like artful your photos or contacts How to Turn on AirDrop on iPhone X. How to Recover Lost iPhone X Data after iOS 11.1 Update. The latest iOS 11.1, iOS 11.1.1 or iOS 11.1.2 has already been available. To fix some bugs like keyboard auto-correct and unresponsive touch screen in cold temperature, it's necessary for you to have your iPhone X updated In iOS 7, Apple has brought a version of AirDrop to all iPhone 5 models, the fourth-generation iPad, the iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod touch models. You also need an iCloud account to use.

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1. Turn on AirDrop on your iPhone. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to open Control Center and tap on AriDrop. You can see the AirDrop button by a long press on the upper left module as the following. 2. Turn on AirDrop on your Mac. Using Finder to search your AirDrop program on your Mac. Remember to turn on your Bluetooth and. AirDrop will only work with your device if it is running on iOS 7 or later - or for Macs running on OS X Yosemite. AirDrop will work on an iPhone 5 or above, a fourth generation iPad or newer, an iPad mini and a fifth generation iPod touch and above. How to turn on AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad and iPo AirDrop latest screenshot, photo, Live photo, or video; How to use the Siri shortcuts for photography. Most likely, your iPhone is running iOS 14 or iOS 13, and thus, the Shortcuts app is already installed. If you are using iOS 12, download the Shortcuts app from the App Store

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As a whole, concerning how to AirDrop songs from one iPhone to another, bear in mind that your iPhone is on iOS 7 and up, Bluetooth & WiFi is enabled, and AirDrop Settings is checked, etc. Assume you're confronted with the following situation, don't hesitate to pick Phone Transfer instead, for it'll make you get twice the result with half the effort Use AirDrop alternative for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP to share files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Windows computer. AirDrop Alternative: AirDrop for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Mac - TechiSky - Tech Tips, News, Reviews, Software Downloads 202

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  1. AirDrop, the wireless file-sharing feature Apple introduced in iOS 7, can be extremely handy. To use AirDrop on an iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then set the phone to look for other AirDrop-enabled devices. As with any feature that uses wireless technologies, the more you use it, the more battery power it uses. To save power on your.
  2. 1. Open Settings on your iPhone and enable Bluetooth by moving the toggle to ON position. 2. Similarly, make sure WiFi is enabled. 3. Go to Settings > General > Airdrop. 4. On the next screen, tap on Everyone option. Similarly, repeat the above steps on your iPad to make sure that it can receive data from your iPhone
  3. Troubleshooting issues with AirDrop not working on the Mac and iPhone can be rather tricky since you usually can't isolate the problem to a single device. Despite that, something as simple as opening an AirDrop window, turning off/on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or changing AirDrop permissions to Everyone should almost always get things working again
  4. Troubleshoot AirDrop problems. I frequently use AirDrop and whenever I encounter a problem, I do one of the following to fix it. Complete the steps below on both devices (sender and receiver). And lastly, after each step check to see it AirDrop starts working again: Turn off Bluetooth and wait 15 seconds and then turn it on
  5. Airdrop: What It Is & How to Turn It On to Share Files & Photos on iPhone, iPad & Mac What is AirDrop? Apple's AirDrop feature is a quick and easy way to share documents, photos, videos, Contacts, and more. AirDrop is one of the easiest ways to quickly share files, photos, and more between Apple devices. You can AirDrop pictures and files from your iPad to your friend's iPhone or from your.
  6. To use AirDrop, it must first be enabled from Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom and tap on the AirDrop logo. Now, set it to Contacts Only or Everyone. Everyone will allow anyone within Bluetooth range to share files with you, whereas Contacts Only allows only people in your Contacts list to see you when sharing to AirDrop
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How to turn on AirDrop on Mac. Step 1: Navigate to 'Finder' then select 'Go'.. Step 2: Click on 'Airdrop' on the window's left side.. Step 3: Turn on your Bluetooth and your WI-fI.. Step 4: You can set the Allow me to be discovered by option as Everyone or Contacts Only.. Step 5: After you have turned on AirDrop on your Mac, drag the items/files/photos you want. You can always turn AirDrop on temporarily—if and when you need it. Apple Weekly Newsletter Whether you want iPhone and Mac tips or the latest enterprise-specific Apple news, we've got you covered

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How to turn on/off AirDrop Part 1. How to turn on/off Airdrop on iPhone/iPad. AirDrop allows you to choose between enabling it for just your contacts or for everyone. Contacts need more concern, as you and the person you want to AirDrop both have to log into iCloud and be in each other's contacts. Here are the specific steps: 1 AirDrop is an easy way to share files and photos. Here's how to turn on Airdrop on your iPhone, iPad or Mac DOWNLOAD IMAGE. How To Turn On Airdrop On A Mac To Send And Receive Files. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. Turn On Airdrop In Iphone Or Ipad For File Sharing. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. How To Turn On And Use Airdrop From Iphone To Mac 9to5mac. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. Use Airdrop On Your Mac Apple Support. DOWNLOAD IMAGE How To Turn Off AirDrop On iPhone And iPad By Tyler Lee , on 12/19/2018 07:00 PST If you're looking to share files between a Mac computer or iOS device, there are many ways to go about doing that, such as sending over instant messenger, syncing via a cloud storage service, sending it via email, or as Apple would most probably prefer, via AirDrop While we would recommend disabling other iOS 7 features first, such as AirDrop or individually restricting other apps from using your location, you can turn off Find my iPhone in iOS 7 with just a.

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  1. To turn AirDrop on or off and control whom you can share content with, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to show Control Center and select Air Drop. Choose one of these options: Receiving Off: Turns off AirDrop receiving. Contacts Only: Only your contacts can see your device. Everyone: All nearby iOS devices using AirDrop can see your device
  2. In this article we will give a complete guide on how to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or Airdrop iPhone in order to transfer files among different Apple devices. If you have trouble in using AirDrop to share files between Mac and iPhone, we will also recommend the best alternative to AirDrop
  3. Nearby Sharing is Android's AirDrop feature fom the iPhone, now rolling out officially. Here is how to enable Nearby Sharing for Samsung Galaxy devices from the Quick Access Panel without any update
  4. Airdrop If you need to share a photo or file with a friend who is also using iPhone, then Airdrop can be a killer feature. Most of us will use it rarely if at all, though
  5. How to Connect iPhone to MacBook Wirelessly AirDrop. For some quick file sharing, you don't even need to go through the hassle with cables. Need that one picture from iPhone for desktop editing? Use iPhone's handy feature: AirDrop. AirDrop combines the power of WiFi and BlueTooth technology to locate nearby Apple devices and send files
  6. Instead AirDrop uses a direct Wi-Fi connection for transfers. Owners of an iPhone 5s or later, iPad fourth generation, iPad Mini and the fifth-generation iPod Touch will be able to take advantage of AirDrop. To use AirDrop, you'll need to open Control Center and make sure you have it enabled
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If your AirDrop isn't working on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, first check that Bluetooth is turned on. To fix an AirDrop connection, also make sure that both devices are discoverable. To get AirDrop. Quick tip: AirDrop is compatible with any iPhone that has iOS 7 or later, iPad with iPadOS 13 or later, and Mac with OS X 10.10. Both devices must be compatible for AirDrop to work. How AirDrop work How to turn on AirDrop AirDrop is a fast and easy way to share images, documents, and other files between Apple devices. But before you use it, you'll need to turn the feature on

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