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All posts | A new era in fandom has arrived -- beyond repping your team, or loving your favorite player. Now, own basketball's greatest Moments with NBA Top Shot LATEST BLOG POSTS. GUIDES. UPDATES. DROPS. Labs. BACK TO TOP SHOT. Posts By NBA Top Shot. Announcements The Road To Premium Packs and Holo Icon. By. NBA Top Shot. Drops Back For More: Premium Packs Return. By. NBA Top Shot. Announcements Collector Upgrades. By NBA Top Shot Weekly Summary (Week of 4/19/21) April 19, 2021 (Monday) MGLE Challenge 23 ended with 172 completions. The lowest ask for the Kawhi reward is currently $1,200 LATEST BLOG POSTS. GUIDES. UPDATES. DROPS. Labs. BACK TO TOP SHOT. Announcements. Announcements The Road To Premium Packs and Holo Icon. By. NBA Top Shot. Announcements NBA Top Shot Community FAQs from February 2021. By. NBA Top Shot. Announcements Another Record Breaking Week. By. NBA Top Shot. Announcements New Season, New Excitement. By

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  1. Witness history. Own the plays
  2. For now, that will always show zero as no burn feature has yet been implemented in NBA Top Shot. Note that we have committed to burning rare Moments from unsold Series 1 Western Conference Finals and Eastern Conference Finals packs, which amounts to 4,051 Western Conference Finals Moments that will be burned, and 6,511 Eastern Conference Finals Moments that will be burned
  3. Time to Break Down the Numbers (and Win Big) By. NBA Top Shot. Contests
  4. Read in-depth articles about NBA Top Shot, challenges, serial numbers, and playoff predictions. Weekly content curated for the average Top Shot collector
  5. Introducing: Trade Tickets. As we've hinted in the past, we've been developing an avenue for collectors to trade-in Moments for something new: Trade Tickets. Each Moment will be worth exactly one Trade Ticket, and collectors will be able to use Trade Tickets to acquire exclusive packs that are only available with Trade Tickets
  6. Join the first Showcase Quest! Unlike a challenge, the Showcase Quest doesn't necessitate acquiring any one specific Moment. Instead, you'll have guidelines and have flexibility in your pursuit. The prize for completing the Showcase Quest will be a never-to-be-sold-in-packs Ben Simmons Moment from the Cool Cats set - a necessary piece for.
  7. NBA Top Shot is a digital marketplace that empowers basketball fans, investors, and collectors to own Moments, which are beautifully designed interactive highlights of different NBA players, in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Every transaction to ever take place is recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent audit trail and.

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  1. Outside of Top Shot Debut Moments, this dunk by LeBron James is perhaps the most coveted and respected Top Shot Moment to exist. It costs more than $10,000 . It's less a milestone for LeBron and more a milestone for the NBA and basketball culture; a truly iconic moment and Moment
  2. Today we're talking about the 25 best NBA Top Shot debut Moments. As always, none of this is financial advice. If you have enough money to buy any of these, you probably aren't making investment decisions based off of blog posts written by strangers
  3. View all Moments they've collecte
  4. NBA Top Shot NBA Top Shot has seen around $500 million in sales, but users are having trouble cashing out. Users eager to withdraw their profits are complaining online about the weeks-long wait times
  5. Fauxments from the Brooklyn Trio, New and Old. Nicolas Claxton's Top Shot debut (S2) is a one-handed alley-oop from Brooklyn Nets James Harden against the Knicks, and it's $8. Deandre Jordan is also the benefactor of a James Harden assist into an alley-oop ($4).. In two separate occasions, Rockets James Harden is the victim of a game winning three, both in S1 debut Moments by Nemanja.
  6. During our Beta, drop times will vary, so make sure you watch for announcements
  7. Hustle and Show (Drop 2) - USD $14.00 - Total of 144000 pack
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NBA Top Shot has just hit 30 mil in Marketplace sales the past 24 hours. Love to see so many new faces building up their collections. For example, last year, a LeBron James dunk went for $3,800. NBA Top Shot Blog Writer (remote) MomentRanks is expanding our content team and looking for blog writers who write creative, engaging, and informative copy for our blog, focused on NBA Top Shot, with opportunities to write about other NFTs. This candidate will have opportunities to write about Top Shot analysis, data, news, or a mix of all three Submit any NBA Top Shot Moment under $25 in value (based on current MP prices as of May 20-22) as your entree fee — the only way for us to do this is for you to send me the Moment as a gift. If you've been following me on Twitter, I'd like to think you can trust me, but I promise you that I will not be using this highly public event and platform to pull one over on you The fact that he can defend and shoot well already, makes me confident he will have a long career in the NBA. 8. Hawks power forward Onyeka Okongwu. I had Okongwu in my top five coming into the draft, and I'm still on him. Like McDaniels, he's a power forward who can block shots and can develop his three-point shot

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  2. Dapper Labs has lit the world on fire with NFT hit NBA Top Shot. But like any LiveOps game economy, this market could collapse if not managed properly. This post explores Top Shot player types and.
  3. Today we are taking a look at the new NBA Top Shot blog explaining all things about the Holo Icon Pack drop next week!!!If you enjoy the content consider sub..
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  5. Last week I wrote a blog about the crazy world of NBA Top Shot highlights. It's a wildly addicting, fun, insane phenomenon that makes little to no sense. Again, we're talking non-exclusive highlights that are being treated the same way as baseball cards you used to collect
  6. I Bought 4 NBA Top Shot Highlights -- Here's What I Learned About the New Crypto-Collectible Top Shot is a popular new use of blockchain technology, with some highlights already selling for tens.

NBA Top Shot has always said that they intend to reward true collectors on the platform. They've made several moves in the past with this objective in mind, but perhaps there has been no. NBA top shot is a way of digitally owning an NBA highlight. You know how you used to collect baseball cards? Well the future is going to be collecting highlights. NBA Top Shot is a joint venture between NBA, NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs which allows people to buy and sell NBA highlights NBA Top Shot Sued Based on the Allegation That the Sale of NFTs Violated US Securities Laws Because they Qualify as Securities 20 May 2021 by David Zaslowsky 2 Mins Read. Share. Share on Twitter LinkedIn Email. Readers of this blog will, of course,. NBA Top Shot is basically a website that lets you play a game that resembles a stock market, only it's about basketball players. Investors get to experience the 1980s and 1990s trading card boom—but online, and faster, and also without having to actually own anything. It is extremely, almost troublingly popular NBA Top Shot Marketplace was born when the NBA partnered with Dapperlabs, a blockchain based experience company to create the first exclusive collection of NBA digital Assets in 2020. They released their beta version at the beginning of the 20-21 basketball season, and since have sold over $400 million in gross sales at the time of first writing this review (March 2021)

NBA Top Shot seems to be the only thing that basketball fans are talking about right now, as the digital collectables are rapidly becoming the most highly in-demand thing in the world of hoops. While Top Shot's current interface uses NFTs to combine trading cards with digital clips, Dapper Labs also said it is developing a more immersive experience within Top Shot called Hardcourt.. It's a 3D game where you control players on a basketball court, Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, said in an interview NBA Top Shot is invite only right now but if you read on, you will be given an opportunity to get an invite. I've been playing NBA Top Shot for about a month now. I have bought something like 5 or 6 packs which contain a bunch of cards NBA Top Shots is like trading cards, but with a video highlight instead of a photo. People have spent more than $230 million buying and trading NBA highlights

NBA Top Shot provides several different packs on sale for around $9.00 to $14.00. Similar to physical trading card packs, users don't know what moments are in each pack before it is opened. In our experience, every single pack was sold out. A Sea of Sold Out. Each moment is essentially a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) NBA Top Shot ‏ Verified account @nbatopshot Thanks for the shoutout on the blog! That was fun to do. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like. Liked. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo. Undo. Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content Show

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NFT NBATopShot NBA Top Shot. By Brandon Jordan. Managing Real Estate Broker with ERA American Real Estate. These real estate profiles, blogs and blog entries are provided here as a courtesy to our visitors to help them make an informed decision when buying or selling a house NBA Top Shot has seen explosive growth in recent weeks, but with that influx of collectors has come a variety of growing pains for Dapper Labs. Its collector base for the blockchain-based digital. All packs are sold on the NBA Top Shot website-the only place you can buy, sell or trade the virtual cards. According to the official blog post, 25,000 people lined up for the drop, which points to a high demand for future Legendary drops, with a small number of collectors being able to access them

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  1. Silver, NBA Keep Betting on Cutting-Edge Technology with Top Shot and InPlay. Jay Dieffenbach Thu Feb 25 2021. The NBA continues to operate at the forefront of pro sports technology, and its pursuit of sports-gambling revenues and blockchain technology is no different. Commissioner Adam Silver is the primary driver as the NBA has emerged from.
  2. imum collector score of 2,500 is required in order to be eligible for this drop. Users will have until Monday, June 7, 12:00 PM PDT to increase their.
  3. NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based trading card system where users can buy and sell NBA moments. These moments come in the form of dunks, shots, and assists made by players in games. Every moment you purchase on the platform is authentic and it comes with a unique serial number, an edition type and it tells you the total number of that particular collectible is circulated in the system
  4. What to expect during Beta. 3 months ago. Updated. NBA Top Shot is a first-of-its-kind digital collecting experience. The product is still in beta and will be consistently enhanced over time. For the latest updates on our beta period, check out our blog

When Louisville coach Rick Pitino told me in July that Kansas had a legitimate chance to have the top two picks in June's NBA draft, I thought he was nuts — NBA Top Shot (@nbatopshot) March 30, 2021. I think it's pretty freakin' cool when a bunch of guys get together for something like this. Top Shot simply looks like another way to amplify the NBA experience, and it's great to see everyone worth together to find new ways to develop the NBA brand. Anyway, I'm gonna go get myself account NBA Top Shot is a blockchain platform licensed by the NBA to sell digital collectibles of basketball highlights, ranging from eye-popping drives to memorable dunks from the best in the business

‎The First Mint is what happens when NFT experts and enthusiasts come together. We're passionate day-one adopters of NBA Top Shot with the data chops to back up our analysis, an interest in turning raw numbers into stories, and the willingness to share our insight with the community 167 Followers, 0 Following, 1 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from NBA Top Shot (@nba_topshot

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The Whales of NBA Top Shot Made a Fortune Buying LeBron Highlights They were early to the hottest NFT market—and their collections are now worth millions of dollar — NBA Top Shot (@nba_topshot) March 1, 2021. Top Shots has generated more than $230 million in sales so far, although most of this has come from traders exchanging the collectibles after their initial sale. Dapper earns revenue via fees captured from peer-to-peer transactions and unleashing new packs of NFTs

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Dapper says NBA Top Shot has rung up $500 million in sales and registered more than 800,000 accounts since its public beta testing phase began in October NBA Top Shot: Would you pay big money for Steph Curry 3-pointer or LeBron James dunk? 2 likes • 5 shares. Share #nba #nbatopshot #topshot Discussing the NBA Top Shot blog that explains new features on the site. Diving into the premium drop, the upcoming legendary, and. If you've been on Twitter recently, you've certainly seen people talking about NBA Top Shot. Top Shot is a blockchain-based collectible highlight website.. Top Shot has been around since.

Going back to 2013-14 we had 45,75% which is now slightly up to 47,82%. It is logical because if we check out the last part of the clock ( last 4 secs ) we can see that the number is lower. Actually the offense in the last 4 secs in the NBA the frequency of last season was 8,62% when in 2013-14 season was 12,33% Today we are taking a look at the new NBA Top Shot blog explaining all things about the Holo Icon Pack drop next week!!!If you enjoy the content consider sub..

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NBA Top Shot's sudden popularity has also shifted the roadmap ahead. Dapper Labs had a list of feature enhancements that it wanted to make, including a CryptoKitties-like offers system and auction tools, but those have been pushed off in favor of stability and making sure users can actually experience NBA Top Shot NBA Top Shot is an online marketplace that sells licensed digital moments of NBA action. Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans dunks. During the pandemic, the sports memorabilia industry has been hotter than Steph Curry in the fourth quarter, with a Mickey Mantle card selling for $5.2 million and a Babe Ruth uniform going for more. ‎Last Friday, NBA Top Shot finally announced their plan to distribute unreleased Series 1 Moments in the official Top Shot account to collectors. Their plan: Trade Tickets. With Trade Tickets, collectors will be able to trade in Moments for one ticket each. Trade Tickets will be used to acquire ex NBA Top Shot is the hottest NFT marketplace on the planet. It's also got a big problem: Customers are complaining about exceptionally long wait times to get paid from sales of digital tokens that. NBA Top Shot remains the hottest name in the non-fungible token (NFT) game and continues to see significant growth in 2021. The post NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace Activity Jumps 50% Over Last Week appeared first on BeInCrypto

NBA Top Shot gives collectors the ability to truly own their assets, and buy, sell, and trade their collectibles, and do so in a mobile environment. To access the game, fans simply visit Samsung's. Upcoming packs. Premium Pack Drop. NBA Top Shot will be releasing their final Series 2 Premium Pack on Monday, June 7 at 2 PM PDT, and in a throwback to Series 1, this rare drop will only set you.

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  1. NBA Top Shot, an online marketplace for digital trading cards that can be bought and sold, has already pulled in $230 million in transactions since its launch in October
  2. NBA Top Shot is among the fastest growing marketplaces in history, with nearly $500 million in collectibles bought and sold since launching into open beta in October 2020. The new financing allows.
  3. NBA Top Shot's biggest problem has generally been a good one: too many people want a part of the basketball highlight collectable startup as part of the explosion of interest in NFTs. It's become wildly popular, even more than it already was. Dapper Labs- the partner with Top Shot that handles the financial side- beta tested a new pack drop on Monday

On this episode of the MomentRanks Podcast, we hit on the latest NBA Top Shot news then connect with GreekFreak, the #8 collector on NBA Top Shot and an avid collector across several NFTs. We start with updates on the latest in NBA Top Shot, including pack drops this week, queue requirements, Cool Cats and MGLE challenges, and important notes from Office Hours with Jacob Eisenberg NBA Top Shot Explained in Simple Terms New, 114 comments The NBA's venture into blockchain basketball cards isn't complicated, but you need to know a few things before diving in Nonfungible Tokens, NBA Top Shot, The Creation of Consumption. NFTs are useful not simply because they are unique, but because they are an easy-to-understand way to understand the importance of blockchains. To read this daily update you must be a subscriber (Current members sign in here .) Reading the Daily Update or listening to Daily Update. NBA Top Shot also has a thriving digital ecosystem built around Discord. Using the audio forum platform was not a pre-thought strategic move for Dapper Labs, but it has now become synonymous with.

NBA Top Shot announces major update that has collectors buzzing. Share. Like. Flip. clutchpoints.com - Dijo Songco • 23d. After a ton of hype, NBA Top Shot has officially unveiled the much-awaited Rookie Badges and everyone in the Top Shot universe is going nuts. It was Heard about NBA Top Shot a while ago but really dove in last week. Curious how the average person, not a super high roller, uses the platform. Packs Top Shot's $700 million figure comes mostly from trading on the secondary market, Gharegozlou said, meaning it's not all money in the bank for Dapper and its partner, the NBA A detailed listing of all the mints from this se

NBA Top Shot is the hottest NFT marketplace on the planet. It's also got a big problem: Customers are complaining about exceptionally long wait times to get paid from sales of digital tokens. NBA Top Shot has seen around $500 million in sales, but users are having trouble cashing out. Users eager to withdraw their profits are complaining online about the weeks-long wait times NBA Top Shot has taken over the NFT world and is a hot topic among collectors right now and on Tuesday, they received some backing from the GOAT. Michael Jordan is among the new investors as part of a firm that backed Dapper, which created NBA Top Shot, with a new $305M in funding NBA Top Shot continues to make waves. Not only is everyone on Twitter talking about it, but they just conducted a fundraising round to help raise $305M. Michael Jordan was among the investors, and his name has a smidge of traction in NBA circles. If Jordan isn't the NBA GOAT, that designation probably belongs to LeBron James It also surprised the NBA Top Shot Marketplace. Powell's Series 1 base moment popped from a very low volume at about $160, to dozens of trades upwards of $250 before settling at about $180. The.

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NBA Top Shot will use the very same blockchain, which Tedman suggested helps minimize friction for incoming NBA fans who may not be familiar with blockchain. It can also handle the potentially significant flow of transactions that comes with a larger user base, while hopefully avoiding the growing fees that CryptoKitties players encountered over time NBA Top Shot Announces New 'Premium' Pack Drop BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - JANUARY 23: Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics looks on during the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at TD Garden. Sales on NBA Top Shot have hit $91.7 million over the past seven days too, increasing to $146.3 million over the past month. NBA Top Shot is an official platform that offers crypto collectibles of the most show-stopping moments in basketball's history. Cards can be purchased in packs, and varying degrees of rarity mean that some NFTs. Levine's excitement is over a new digital collectible called NBA Top Shot. Digital as in not tangible, a slice of data that exists only on the internet. But it's 2021, and this concept isn't just.

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NBA Top Shot, a blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy and sell numbered versions of video clips of player highlights called Moments, generated a whopping $53.9 million in sales over. Sequoia Games looks to capitalize on NBA Top Shot fever with their own AR tabletop game It's the golden age of collectibles and legacy institutions are looking to move beyond trading cards, embracing new tech that brings the fandom together online NBA Top Shot, in the words of sportswriter and NBA Bad Shot podcast co-host Dijo Songco, is the unique intersection of two seemingly different paths. It's like NBA cards and the stock market combined, he said. Miggy Azurin, who manages a marketing agency, took it one step further. Top Shot for me is like NBA cards fused with. NBA Top Shot is the hottest NFT marketplace on the planet. It's also got a big problem: Customers are complaining about exceptionally long wait times to get paid from sales of digital tokens that can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars A short video of LeBron James has sold for over $200,000 as fans continue to lap up the new 'Top Shot' online platform. 'Top Shot' allows users to buy short videos of sequences from NBA games.

On May 12, 2021, a Class Action Complaint was filed against Dapper Labs, Inc. and Roham Gharegozlou in the State of New York. The Complaint alleges that the defendants, who are behind the popular non-fungible token (NFT) platform NBA Top Shot, have violated The Securities Act of 1993 and wrongfully prevented users from withdrawing their money from the service provider NBA Top Shot has been taking the world by storm. We've seen plenty of young players get involved with the digital highlight NFT website, which has gotten plenty of buzz over the past few months amongst the NBA fanbase and Crypto crowd. Now, Top Shot is going to be unveiling the 2021 NBA All-Star Game Rising Stars rosters An NBA Top Shot moment featuring Luka Doncic (far right) recently sold for more than $20,000. Each Top Shot moment comes in the form of a digital cube that includes the highlight and a unique.

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The Top Shot frenzy that has enveloped some sports fans, collectors and speculators over the past few months has also hit NBA players in an unusual way. ESPN + Continue reading this article and. NBA Top Shot introduces Rebound Packs NBA Top Shot also offered something for the vast majority of collectors who didn't grab these Holo Icon packs. After a successful experiment during a stress test, the site implemented a second-chance system that allowed all those in the queue who didn't get the legendary pack to snag a Rebound Pack instead

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Dapper Labs, maker of NFT-focused NBA Top Shot, raises $305M, sources say at $2.6B valuation; investors include several pro athletes including Michael Jordan — Dapper Labs draws investors that include basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant, seeking to cash in on the digital-collectibles craz NBA Top Shot, a blockchain-based platform allowing fans to buy and sell collective highlights called Moments, has seen a surge in volume over the past month amidst the general surge in interest for crypto-assets.. According to a report by Forbes published on February 20, Top Shot generated $53.9 million in sales last week, giving an indication of the market desire for digital collectibles This 2019-20 NBA Top Shot MVP Moves (Series 1) Giannis Antetokounmpo Moment shows the 2019-20 NBA MVP flushing home a dunk against the New York Knicks on December 2nd, 2019. The digital collectible is serial-numbered 1/499. A low-number, MVP-season Moment from a bona fide global superstar This offered NBA Top Shot represents one of the signature moments of the two-time reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo during his rookie season. The Greek Freak absolutely breaks the ankles of New York Knicks forward J.R. Smith along the left sideline and caps the play with an acrobatic reverse layup, avoiding the block of Tyson Chandler during the February 3, 2014 game in Milwaukee According to CryptoSlam, NBA Top Shot has done $187.3 million in sales, which is an increase of 1,189% percent compared to its most recent 30-day stretch — and $132 million of that was just in.

Just a few weeks after raising funds at a reported $2.6 billion valuation, Dapper Labs, responsible for the high-flying digital collectibles platform NBA Top Shot, is raising more money but is now. The Top Shot platform, which is still in public beta, has a marketplace that now does millions of dollars in transactions in a single day with over 50,000 users signed up, many of whom talk and. Welcome to the world of NBA Top Shot, where millions of dollars are changing hands over virtual trading cards, and a boom, or a burst, always seems to be right around the corner

New funding: Dapper Labs raised $305 million at a reported $2.6 billion valuation. The Vancouver, B.C., startup powers NBA Top Shot, a popular NFT-based digital trading card game that has generate Mater Dei girls top Corona Centennial with last-second shot in overtime I was looking for my shot, but Nalani had the better shot, the Stanford-bound Demetre said NBA Top Shot Moments come in all shapes and sizes, and are valued by their rarity. For example, Platinum Ultimate Moments have only three (3) digital copies, while Genesis Ultimate Moments.

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